How to Install LTC Timer S

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This article describes how to install LTC Timer S for Windows. You can purchase the license here.

Step 1: Download Timer

Click here

Step 2: Quick & Easy Way to Install and Use the Timer (follow the screenshots)

For more information, see Description section below.


LTC Timer Sound is a countdown timer add-in for PowerPoint 2016 or later on Windows. Timer can be inserted into each slide. Sound plays when time is up. You can on/off sound for each slide. You can also add/remove sound files.

You can customize the timer text box by changing fonts, colors, position, etc.

Free version also available which can count down one minute or less, and the rest of the features are the same as full version.

If you insert the Timer on one computer and wish to run it on another computer, you can do so by installing the Timer Add-in on both computers.

How to Install

  • Right click on the zip file -> Extract All…
  • Double click “setup.exe” and follow the onscreen instructions. (This will install 3 components: .NET framework 4.5, Office Runtime, and Timer Add-in)

How to Insert Timer

  • Open PowerPoint, click “Add-ins” tab.
  • Click “Open Timer Pane”.
  • Timer pane will open on the right.
  • Select the slide you would like to insert timer, and insert.

How to Edit Already Inserted Timer

  • Delete the existing timer text box and insert a new one.


  • You can choose to play sound or no sound for each timer slide.
  • You can choose sound file to play when time is up. The chosen sound file apply to all timers with sound slides.

How to Deactivate

If you want to use the timer on a different computer, deactivate the license on the current computer, then install and activate on the new computer. Please see the screenshot below on how to deactivate license.


  1. I purchased the timer today, and installed it, but it doesn’t show up in my add-ons. What do I do?


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