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PPT Mac Timer R is a Countdown Timer for PowerPoint on Mac. It floats on top of the PowerPoint slides.

PPT Mac Timer R
PPT Mac Timer R

How to Use the Timer with Your PowerPoint Presentations

Download the free version timer here and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint file and start the slideshow.

Step 2: Open the Timer and drag it over to the slideshow.

Step 3: In Preferences, set the time and click on the Play button. The timer will start.

How to Change Timer Options

PPT Mac Timer R comes with a variety of options. You can adjust them in the Preferences window.

Time Option

In the Time tab, set your countdown hours, minutes, and seconds. See the screenshot below.

Set hours, minutes, seconds in PPT Mac Timer R. Play, pause, reset buttons. Change timer size.

Timer Size Option

You can adjust the timer text size by clicking up and down arrows or enter your desired text size directly into the textbox. Changes will immediately take effect and saved automatically.

Sound Option

You can choose to play a sound when the countdown ends. Click on the dropdown to select your desired sound. The play button on the right is for sound preview.

You may also add or remove sounds by clicking on the + and – buttons respectively.

PPT Mac Timer R Sound Options

Continue Countdown after Time is Up Option

You can choose to continue the countdown after the time is up.

PPT Mac Timer R - Countdown Continues After Time Is Up

And choose to play reminder sound at your specified interval. For example, if you set a one-minute reminder interval, the reminder sound will play every one minute after the time is up. This is to remind the presenter periodically that the time is over.

You can also select the reminder sound from the dropdown list.

Color Option

In the Color tab, you can set text color and background color. When the timer nearly ends, you can choose to change the text and background colors. You can also set the timer background to transparent.

PPT Mac Timer R - Set text color and background color

License Option

There are two versions of the timer – free and paid.

The free version and paid version are exactly the same except that in the free version, you can count down one minute or less.

PPT Mac Timer R - License Options

The paid license is for a lifetime. You pay once and use it forever.

If you want to use the timer on another computer, you can deactivate the timer on the current computer and reactivate it on the new computer.

Help Option

In the Help tab, you can find the links to the user guide, contact support, and the timer page.

PPT Mac Timer R - Help option

Quit the Timer Application

To quit the timer, go to the Time tab, and click on the “Quit All” button.

PPT Mac Timer R - Quit the Timer application by clicking on "Quit All"


  1. I have paid $18US for timer needed in 30 minutes _ it will not accept license number —-. Please help immediately

    • Hello,

      I think you tried one version of timer and bought a license for another. I have sent you the correct timer. Please check.
      I removed the license number from your comment for security.


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