Thank you so very much. This is perfect. I have been searching for this for several years. So easy to use. Once again, thank you. Dr. G.

Dr. G.


I wanted a timer for my classroom quizzes, searched on web, but found none served the purpose, asked my daughter to make one. It worked well, so I advised to sell for other people who need a timer like me. Thus, this shop appeared and has been growing since 2013.

Dr. Min Aung

Bangkok, Thailand

This tool helped me to avoid overtime while did a presentation. Thanks


Jakarta, Indonesia

Only timer that fits my needs as a teacher. I use it over my powerpoint slides and provides a visible clock for my students to complete each task. Holds them and myself accountable. Great tool!


New York, USA

I love the timer. Looks like it works well. I’m so glad to find a timer that works on power points!!! AND that’s easy to use. Thanks!!!


Washington, USA

I am using this application for various presentations. It is very good and used friendly.


Maryland, USA

Thanks so much! It worked like a charm! I am so excited about this timer. I’m a teacher–It’s such a lifesaver! I’ve been looking for one like it for so long! 🙂
Thanks again!


New York, USA