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The following User Guide is for LTC Desktop Clock which is a Clock for PowerPoint on Windows (for All Slides).

Brief Guide

  • Extract the zip (First time only).
  • Double click on LTC_Desktop_Clock app, and activate.
  • Right click on the clock to open menu. Open PowerPoint.

Detailed Guide

1. Right click on the zip -> Extract All (First time only).

Right click -> Extract All

2. Inside the extracted folder, double click on LTC_Desktop_Clock application.

Double click on LTC_Desktop_Clock application

3. Enter your license key (sent to your email at the time of your purchase), and click Activate.

4. Open PowerPoint. The Clock will stay above PowerPoint.



Right click on the clock background to open menu.

Preferences for LTC Desktop Clock

  • Select time format, AM/PM or 24 hour.
  • Check or uncheck to display/hide seconds.
  • Choose text color and background color.
  • Resizable.
  • The Clock’s size and position will be saved and applied at the next open.


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