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In this tutorial, I will show you how to add AJAX & PHP code to send emails using Simple Contact Form.

You can see the form demo here.


To follow this tutorial, you need:
1. A Templatemo or Tooplate Template (I will be using Templatemo 536 Dream Pulse in this example.)
2. Contact Form

Extract both zip files and follow the steps below.

1. Copy Files

From contact-form folder to templatemo_536_dream_pulse folder, copy send-email.php to root folder and js/send-email-ajax.js to js folder.

2. Contact Form Scripts

  1. Open templatemo_536_dream_pulse/index.html file in a text editor. Add id="contact-form" inside <form> at line 336.
  2. From contact-form/index.html file, copy code from line 32-34 and paste it in templatemo_536_dream_pulse/index.html file at line 347.
  3. Also in templatemo_536_dream_pulse/index.html, add <script src="js/send-email-ajax.js"></script> before the closing</body>tag. Save and close.
Contact Form Scripts

4. Open templatemo_536_dream_pulse/send-email.php in a text editor. At line 2, replace with your email. Save and close.


3. Upload to Your Server and Test

Upload templatemo_536_dream_pulse files to your web host and test the form.
You should receive the test message in your email shortly.


  1. I followed these directions but I still can’t get it to work. I am using Templatemo 503 Newline

  2. Hi!
    I need some help. Everything ok, but if send a message from mobile browser, all of mails land in spam.

  3. Hello
    Can you help me ?
    I made the changes on templatemo_537_art_factory original, but impossible to make it work!

  4. I just made the change, but it still doesn’t work, when I click send, I have a return home page. In private perhaps?

  5. works great except for 1 litle problem..
    I have set the email to: address in line 2 of the send-email.php to my gmail accoount as I cannot get it to work to my wifes busines account of
    Is there a string holding the email adress that is set too short?
    I have tried other address without any problems. Could you please shed some light on this.

  6. Hi, it doesn’t work. I am using the ‘templatemo_454_compass’ template. I also uploaded the contact-form itself with no modifications and is not working ( Can you help me?

    • Hi Federico,
      There seems to be something wrong with your send-email.php file. Could you send me that file? clock at learnteachcenter dot com.


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